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Medical Physics publishes original, high impact physics, imaging science, and engineering research that advances patient diagnosis and therapy through contributions in 1) Basic science developments with high potential for clinical translation 2) Clinical applications of cutting edge engineering and physics innovations 3) Broadly applicable and innovative clinical physics developments. 

Effective with the 2024 volume, Medical Physics will be published in an online-only format, please see the Volume 50 October Editorial for more details.

Medical Physics is a journal of global scope and reach. By publishing in Medical Physics your research will reach an international, multidisciplinary audience including practicing medical physicists as well as physics- and engineering based translational scientists.  We work closely with authors of promising articles to improve their quality. 

Medical Physics encourages submissions describing novel, cutting edge physics and engineering developments in medical imaging, ionizing radiation therapy, and other image-guided therapeutic interventions. Topics of particular interest include

  • Experimental and computational ionizing and non-ionizing dosimetry including instrumentation and algorithm development
  • Image reconstruction, image analysis, computer-aided detection and diagnosis, radiomics, biomarkers, machine learning, deep learning, image registration, and  feature extraction.
  • Treatment optimization, treatment outcomes analysis, mathematical modeling of treatment biological effects.
  • Novel imaging and treatment delivery platforms and instrumentation, including MRI-linac, multimodality imaging, x-ray phase-contrast imaging, and nanoparticles and devices for thermal therapies, ultrasound ablation, and image guided therapy.
  • All modalities including photon/electron/particle therapy, thermal therapies, ultrasound ablation, CT imaging, radiography, fluoroscopy as well as ultrasound, magnetic resonance, microwave, optical, photoacoustic, electrical impedance, and nuclear medicine imaging
  • Observer studies and methodologies, virtual clinical trials,
  • Archived datasets for imaging and therapy research
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