Volume 28, Issue 4 p. 491-500
Diagnostic Imaging (Ionizing and Non-Ionizing)

Investigation of the slice sensitivity profile for step-and-shoot mode multi-slice computed tomography

Jiang Hsieh

Jiang Hsieh

Applied Science Laboratory, GE Medical Systems, P.O. Box 414, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53201-0414

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First published: 09 April 2001
Citations: 20


Multislice computed tomography (MCT) is one of the recent technology advancements in CT. Compared to single slice CT, MCT significantly improves examination time, x-ray tube efficiency, and contrast material utilization. Although the scan mode of MCT is predominately helical, step-and-shoot (axial) scans continue to be an important part of routine clinical protocols. In this paper, we present a detailed investigation on the slice sensitivity profile (SSP) of MCT in the step-and-shoot mode. Our investigation shows that, unlike single slice CT, the SSP for MCT exhibits multiple peaks and valleys resulting from intercell gaps between detector rows. To fully understand the characteristics of the SSP, we developed an analytical model to predict the behavior of MCT. We propose a simple experimental technique that can quickly and accurately measure SSP. The impact of the SSP on image artifacts and low contrast detectability is also investigated.