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AAPM Student, Junior and Resident members are encouraged to submit to JACMP.
First-time authors in these categories receive a $250 discount on article processing charges!

Congratulations to these first-time authors in JACMP!

Dennis N. Stanley, PhD "Comparison of Initial Patient Setup Accuracy between Surface Imaging and Three Point Localization: A Retrospective Analysis."

Baderaldeen A. Altazi "Reproducibility of F18-FDG PET Radiomic Features for Different Cervical Tumor Segmentation Methods, Gray-Level Discretization, and Reconstruction Algorithms ."

Daniel F Craft "Preparation and Fabrication of a Full-Scale, Sagittal-sliced, 3D-printed, Patient-specific Radiotherapy Phantom."

Gilmer Valdes, PhD "IMRT QA using Machine Learning: A Multi-institutional Validation ."

Jeffrey E Snyder "Implementation of Respiratory-Gated VMAT on a Verse HD Linear Accelerator."

Zhengzheng Xu, PhD "Effects of Collimator Angle Couch Angle and Starting Phase on Motion-Tracking Dynamic Conformal Arc Therapy (4D DCAT)."

Samuel B French "Adapting VMAT plans optimized for an HD120 MLC for delivery with a Millennium MLC."

Francisco J. Reynoso, PhD "Monte Carlo Calculations of the AAPM TG-43 Brachytherapy Dosimetry Parameters for A New Titanium-encapsulated Yb-169 Source."

Dewayne L. Defoor, PhD "Investigation of error detection capabilities of phantom, EPIC and MLC log file based IMRT QA methods."

Steven T. Ellefson "An analysis of the ArcCHECK-MR diode array's performance for ViewRay quality assurance."

Travis J. McCaw, PhD "Comparison of the recommendations of the AAPM TG-51 and TG-51 addendum reference dosimetry protocols."

Ashley E. Rubinstein "Cost-effective immobilization for whole brain radiation therapy."

Lin Su, PhD "Feasibility Study of Ultrasound Imaging for Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy with Active Breathing Coordinator in Pancreatic Cancer."

Ryan G. Price, PhD "Optimization of a Novel Large Field of View Distortion Phantom for MR-Only."

Jasmine A. Oliver, PhD "The Mobius AIRO Mobile CT for Image-Guided Proton Therapy: Characterization & Commissioning."

Sven Ferguson "Comparability of three output models for a compact passively double-scattered proton therapy system."

Saeed Ahmed "Validation of a GPU-Based 3D dose calculator for modulated beams."

Ismail AlDahlawi "Evaluation of stability of stereotactic space defined by cone-beam CT for the Leksell Gamma Knife Icon."

Zhen Tian, PhD "Moving GPU-OpenCL-based Monte Carlo Dose Calculation Towards Clinical Use: Automatic Beam Commissioning and Source Sampling For Treatment Plan Dose Calculation."

Steven T. Bache "Quantification of clinical feedback on image quality differences between two CT scanned models."

Tianjun Ma "Accuracy of one algorithm used to modify a planned DVH with data from actual dose delivery."

Matthew C. DeLorenzo "RadShield: semiautomated shielding design using a floor plan driven graphical user interface."

Michael R. Young "Volumetric modulated arc therapy using multicriteria optimization for body and extremity sarcoma."

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